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Christmas in Club Penguin! December 22, 2007

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Hey!Mxwadia here! Just telling you some Hints, and my journey through the festival of Cristmas in CLUB PENGUIN

First of all, the two free items are located at the Dock, and the Snow Forts.
The first item:
The antlers are at the Dock by the tree.


The Santa Hat -Is at the Snow Forts, where it used to be.



There is a new pin. It is a wreath pin. It is located at the Lodge Attic.

My Faviorite decorated Places with new ideas:The forest and the dock!

t-maze.jpg1.The forest:Cp has found a new way to decorate the forest! There are Train Tracks Laid.You have to click the tunnels for the train to come! 😆 This really is cool!

The Cove:In the Cove,the decorations are made by a giving us to choose our SANTA and then take a Photo with him!We cannot Actually get the clicked photo as back ground or something,Its just for fun!And also there is no Real Santa with whom to take a photo,the Players themselves pretend to be Santa Claus! COOOL!! 😆

THE ChRISTMAS SCARF:Im not yet able to figure out with the christmas Scarf…It is said that it comes on different servers at different times at different places! One of our Cpnmm Team noticed that it onced appeared in The server brumby in Australian Flag.Than there was connection lost..And then…The Club Penguin again updated and the Scarfs Suddenly dissapeared!Sorry we are not able to get a current pic of the Scarf…We will get one soon.

All said and done…The Christmas Party was Great!It was a Treasure Hunt where the People who got the Treasure(Christmas Scarf) were the winners!

According to my oppinion I Appreciate Cp for this another Cristmas event for Enjoyment!I wish we Recently have a New Year Party and have FUN!

On Behalf of the other CP fans I have a Hope on CP to give out more Free stuff

Till then,

Waddle on,





1. fluffers1490 - December 22, 2007

the reason of the scarf is that it was supposed to be next week’s free item, but when the party started, they added it by mistake. It doesn’t pop-up randomly, and it isn’t going to be available again until monday. Sorry to all who got their hopes up, but no scarf til’ Mon. And no santa beard this year. 😥

PS, you can even e-mail the MODs if you don’t believe me. They’ll say the same thing.

Mxwadia:i know! But..Thankx for your Comment! 🙂
Waddle on,

2. gwppanther - December 22, 2007

hay i need help with my
blog please help!!!

3. samantha - December 22, 2007

i heard that they are showing it on the 23 because they ment to do that on that day but that did that on acandent! they had it on cp for 40 min
and that noticed that it was on so the penguins who got it gets to keep it!

4. monika - December 23, 2007

i am kotevski and i wanna no have 2 do the hir mission please find it out 4 me

5. Graser103 - December 24, 2007


i am graser3
i was just wondering if i could be on your blogroll
that would be awesome

8) Graser3 8)
~~The cp rich dude~~

6. smelly - December 28, 2007

this club penguin is rubish. why do members get everything and people who are not members don’t get anything
Mxwadia:I dont know..May be bcoz members pay money for games? and if thats your Prob you should not call this stuff RUBBISH!

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