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Blogroll Prob.(Website owners must read!) December 19, 2007

Posted by mxwadia in Blogroll, Cheats, Club Penguin, Club penguin Cheats, Cpnmm, events, Game Guides, glitches, Hidden items, Pins, Secrets, Sites, Tips, Uncategorized, Wants.

Many people are asking me to put thier website on my blogroll.Now..this post is for all that ppl who want me to put thier Site on my blogroll.

Ill put the sites name on my blogroll for the following conditions:

 1.I’ll put that sites name only if my sirtes name is on his blogroll.(Compulsory)

2.That site should be a good site with no copy matter on it.(Optional)

3.That site should be maintained propery.(optional)

If your site is ok for the conditions,ask me to put your site on blogroll.

Keep visiting my site for updates,

Waddle on,




1. htjackkandcp - December 19, 2007

ill be on blog roll… http://htjackkandcp.wordpress.com

Editors note:You must put me on blogroll too…

2. hihgmax - December 19, 2007

Please add me to your blogroll

Editors comments:ADDED! 😆

3. doghead2006 - December 19, 2007

plz put me on ur blog roll

Editors comments:sorry to say but,theres nothing on your site that will help…and u have not put me on blogroll too… 😦

4. clubpenguinfuncheats - December 20, 2007

clubpenguin fun cheats

5. mxwadia - December 21, 2007

hey! clubpenguin fun cheats,whats your url? i need that to put you on blogroll :sigh:

6. Spylcy - July 16, 2008

My site is Greenrockz.com

7. knd27 - March 12, 2011

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