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SORRY :( December 18, 2007

Posted by mxwadia in Blogroll, Cheats, Club Penguin, Cpnmm, events, Game Guides, glitches, Hidden items, Pins, Secrets, Sites, Tips, Uncategorized, Wants.

Hello guys!

I am back-Mxwadia! i know..i left this blog,Club Penguin etc. from the date.I left this all after my first failure in my CPNMM(our team)  Party.After that day..i got dissapointed and i got on to the Massive Multiplayer Online Game – RUNESCAPE. EXACTLY 8 months before from today i quited this all.And after 8 months,today,on 18th december,Im back to this wonderfull game – CLUB PENGUIN! Runescape is nothing compared to CP! And now i take the oath to again continue this wonderful site! and make it better! I also gave away my lvl 124 runescape member account with 24 millions and with all event items.

I now only need is your help and co-operation to make CP and this Site again the best!

You will again see that mxwadia back! Check out on my website for recent updates


Waddle on CP Fans,




1. non of you buissness - December 18, 2007

Me an idiot

2. mxwadia - December 19, 2007

Can i know why?

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