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New Furniture catlog! And its Hidden items December 18, 2007

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Hello! Everyone!

Mxwadia here! Check out the New Furniture Catlog : 

Here is the new catolog:
New Catolog
and heres the secrets:
Moose Head
the moose head
the mullet
Pipe Organ
and the pipe organ


1. ben - December 19, 2007

where is the pin

2. jc4x4 - December 19, 2007

Editers note:EDITED Because jc4x4 was Spamming and Swearing

3. mxwadia - December 19, 2007

The pin is on the tree of the cofee shop

4. Azia - December 20, 2007

How do you do the special dances when you have the special clothes on.

5. mxwadia - December 21, 2007

Its very easy.Wear the special clothes and just dance(or press d)

6. Liliana - April 8, 2008


7. Liliana - April 8, 2008

Were are the “special” clothes?

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