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Bean counter game March 25, 2007

Posted by mxwadia in Cheats, Club Penguin, events, Game Guides, glitches, Hidden items, Pins, Secrets, Sites, Tips, Uncategorized, Wants.

Bean counter game is a very fast-paced game that takes some skill- and if you have skill, you can get about 400 coins.  The object of the game is to get the bags to the bean counter. 

Basic controls: Use your mouse to control your penguin.  Let the bags fall into your arms, then go to the counter and left-click.  Avoid other objects.

Tips and secrets: The flower pot, anvil, and fish will always fall in the same places. 

You can only hold 5 bags at a time.

If you put down bags after the truck is unloaded, you will get bonus points

Imformation brought by Tom twelve.


1. cassidy - March 25, 2007

these are awsome but i knew that already

2. tomtwelve - March 31, 2007

Plagirisim! This is copying the exact text of MY BLOG! Beleive it people. Just go to tomtwelve.wordpress.com and you’ll find the exact same post! And with an erliar date! Grrr! I’m angry!

3. tomtwelve - March 31, 2007

Oops! Sorry! You said that it was mine!

4. mxwadia - April 7, 2007

Yes, I said that it was yours.Its ok.Its human mistake

5. horse LOVER! - April 17, 2007

uymmmmmmm what a LOSER site! ok i knew All of that already those arent even cheats i go to paintboy and antras and now ntalia THEY ARE WAY BETTER AND HAVE WAY BETTER CHEATS IF YOU NEED A GOOD CHEAT SITE ok this is what you do go to google then type in club penguin cheat then click on the first one that comes up it is THE BEST site in the world way better than this CRAPPY site!!


6. jp - May 31, 2007

how do u play

7. ajsghkuajopfgjspigjaodfgujadsposdfg - September 8, 2007

lol i have gotten six hundred coins from that before

8. ajsghkuajopfgjspigjaodfgujadsposdfg - September 8, 2007

LOL looks like u got a war with paintboy100

9. fodder - October 12, 2007

This is pretty cool but why can’t people be unbanded once banded for ever?

10. shardul - October 17, 2007


11. shardul - October 17, 2007

paintboy….war…..well i am….

12. james - November 12, 2007

all the stuff stay in 1 spot i got around 500 coins so play it

13. Edwin - January 13, 2008

clubpenguin has banded my account forver how can i get unband???????????????????? plz help me out

14. sad - September 26, 2008

uh i need a member account really bad

15. sad - September 26, 2008

you can use a cheat that i know first go to your account and there says you account is banded forever and go to a non member account and band it to just say stupid lol any ways then go back to your account and then press tab until you see the yellow square on the word banded forever then press the right mouse and copy it and you go to the a non member account and click on someones page and press back the right mouse and then do paste and you are free to go

16. dacer4232 - October 3, 2008

wow you horse lover girl you call that site stupid at least we dont love horses loser

17. TheArtGuy9 - March 8, 2009

i once got up to more than 500 coins

18. erika im saying it today aprill 10 - April 11, 2009

its that i have this penguin cald books34.
it was first band for 23 hours and then i checked again and it said band forever. why band forever why.i havent said a bad word either any other bad thing.
please help me .clubpenguin is cheating.

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