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1. Rockhopper - February 28, 2007

yes i be the fist!

2. Taylor - March 14, 2007

Where is the throne? I have no idea how to get thered and brown throne

3. woo! - March 20, 2007

whats llala

4. woo! - March 20, 2007

bring brang brung lol

5. coey22 - April 3, 2007

to get the throne click on the word throne in the princess throne description

6. coey22 - April 3, 2007

i said throne a lot lol šŸ˜€

7. corey22 - April 3, 2007

my name isn’t coey22 its corey22 lol sorry šŸ˜¦

8. corey22 - April 3, 2007

come to my website (not good) but it’s not finished šŸ˜¦

9. kam0597 - May 27, 2007

i know how to do jokes faster and wave faster stupid idoit

10. flowerman7 - December 2, 2007

can you still get the palace because i soooooooooooo want it !!!!!

11. Danhill - January 30, 2008

Hello Mxwadia,
I was just wondering if I could join the CPNMM.
I would love to join because I love your site and I think you are a nice penguin as well, if you let me join I will be well behaved, won’t swear or say rude words, and I will follow your clubs rules. Thanks. Danhill

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